Here are the emails and forms to use for your support requests of Conan



  • Did you buy your game on Kickstarter or on the Pledge Manager?
    • For USA and Canada: please send your request to
    • For Asia, Australia and New-Zealand: please send your request to
    • For Europe, Russia, South America, Africa and the french DOM-TOM:
      • For Wave 1: please send your request to
        (Wave 1 concerns the core box, the Stretch Goals and the following add-ons: Counterbases pack, Dice pack, Xavier Collette Box, Brom Box, Paolo Parente Box, Kushite Witch-Hunters, Dragon, Crossbowmen, Black Ones, Yogah of Yag, Adventure pack, Doors pack, Giant Wolves, Vanir Valkyrie, Sabretooth-tiger, Baal-Pteor, Black Dragons, Demon of the Earth)
      • For Wave 2: please use this form
        (Wave 2 concerns the expansions Khitai, Nordheim et Stygia, the campaign book, the corrective punchboard for the add-ons)


To contact us, please fill this form. You can also get in touch with us through our Facebook or Twitter pages for any comments and suggestions…
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